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"Good design is good business."

- Thomas J. Watson Jr.

Erik Spiekermann has aptly said that 'you are what you are seen to be.' This beautifully fits to your business website. Your identity is what you project through your website and conceived by your visitors. A well-designed and functional website not just wins the confidence of prospective clients it brings you accolades and the leads that convert to revenues.

We believe that a good design is the convergence of art and science. We tap a mix of open-source as well as proprietary technologies to build beautiful websites that are driven by robust CMSes. Unlike others, we don't have set prices for website design assignments. Every website we design is unique and has features customized to suit the enterprise requirements of clients. Our designers havean eye for detail and keep tab on the changing trends in design industry. Need a website or wantto improve an existing one, just drop a query and our team will help you define your requirements to whip up a great looking design with all the functionality you've longed for! As your website is the very personality of your business itself, at Universal Appz we'll help develop an attractive, accessible and functional website with intuitive design and layout.