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The Diffrence

We have built our business around multiple domain and technologies with global delivery model. With across-the-board expertise in a plethora of technology domains, we are able to provide world-class solutions to our clients fulfilling their needs at very affordable costs. We are always keen on upgrading ourselves with the upcoming technology.

We believe in Client first approach and hence your business success is one of our prime responsibilities. So our Technical Business analysis team will guide you IT business solutions which fits best and if above all other competitors. That actually plays a major role in the success of any business.

Universal Appz is focused on to offering coherent and consistent quality, reduced cycle time as also ensuring smooth transitions from the outmoded technologies to new ones in the ever-changing business scenarios. We proactively align our quality services and technology with your business strategies by transforming your IT processes, structures and technologies for optimum performance, efficiency and reliability.Our focus is on to maximize results with minimum efforts. Currently we are serving a decent amount of clients across the world. And the happiness what we see on their faces are the real motivation factor for us. Our Clients are doing well in their business with the help of the IT solutions provided by us.

Benefits for choosing Us

On-site Coordination

Our dedicated project personnel are responsible for regular management of communication between the Client and Project Team.


Our resources include a diverse pool of highly motivated and experienced IT professionals with and clear communication.

Cost Competitiveness

We at Universal Appz have an ability to offer cost-effective services for development as well as for implementation and maintenance.

Project Management Processes

We follow rigorous project management controls and critical chain methods to ensure an optimum turnaround time with highest quality.

Change Control

We have a comprehensive, configuration control in place for the product baseline. This includes configuration of each particular, following new configuration as required and altering the baseline.